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Impaired Driving

Shamsher Kothari is a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer who defends all types of criminal driving charges that are contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. Within his practice he defends a significant number of cases involving everyday people charged with impaired driving, over 80, dangerous driving, careless driving, and impaired driving where bodily harm or death has occurred. When charged with a driving related offence, it is crucial to obtain prompt and knowledgeable advice on available defences to fight these cases as they are technical in nature and require special training in this area of law.

Shamsher Kothari typically uses an exhaustive approach in defending these types of charges - from exploring the legality of the traffic stop, possible weaknesses in the validity of the breath tests, to evidence to the contrary utilizing expert testimony of a toxicologist and vigorous cross-examination of the arresting officer(s).

Shamsher Kothari’s approach to a client’s defence is built on a thorough review of the facts, exhaustive examination of all issues associated with the traffic stop and a determined approach to building your case. Shamsher Kothari is a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer who was trained by Tim Foster one of the most well respected Criminal Driving Lawyer’s in Alberta.

If You Are Charged With a Crime, Contact a Lawyer

You have a right to vigorous and effective defence when charged with a crime. Exercise that right by working with a trusted and focused advocate. Call Shamsher Kothari’s office at 403-667-4406 or contact us online at to schedule a consultation.

*Past results do not guarantee success in any particular case.

Impaired Driving Under Section 253(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada

Impaired driving charges can stem from any substance, chemical or condition that is deemed by a lawful Police Service to impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle. These cases commonly involve drinking and driving, but increasingly, these charges come as a result of allegations that the accused was under the influence of illegal drugs or even legal prescription medication, which involve an intricate knowledge of drug recognition expert systems deployed by law enforcement.
If you or someone you love has been accused of impaired driving, Shamsher Kothari has the experience and proven record to provide a strong criminal defence. Get the knowledge, counsel, and support you need if you are accused of a serious driving offence.

Shamsher Kothari provides a systematic and thorough representation for his clients. He explores all avenues for resolution of impaired driving cases with strategies that can include, but are not limited, to:

Challenging the legality of the stop

Questioning the methods applied for testing sobriety

Cross-examining witnesses and challenging police testimony

Employing expert toxicologists to challenge the prosecution's evidence

Advancing constitutional challenges to laws and legislation

Driving with Over 80 Milligrams of Alcohol per 100 Millilitres of Blood

The Criminal Code of Canada, law prohibits a driver from having a blood alcohol level over 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood.  Individuals who cause accidents while driving while impaired can face significant criminal charges and substantial penalties. When you or someone you love has been accused of drunk driving, make sure you hire a lawyer with the experience and proven record to be effective for you.

A drive while over 80 drinking and driving charge can have significant and unexpected consequences beyond criminal fines and potential jail time. A conviction can also lead to:

  1. A permanent criminal record
  2. Employment issues
  3. Driving prohibition for at least one year
  4. Required treatment or assessment programs
  5. Increased insurance premiums
  6. An immigration status change

Dangerous Driving 

Many Albertans consider driving offences as trivial things, which may be easily solved with a quick fine.  However, when charges of dangerous driving involve substantial damage to property, serious injury or even death, the consequences can be serious. These cases demand experienced and effective criminal defence.

Dangerous driving is broadly defined in the criminal code, leaving police and law enforcement substantial latitude to apply the charge as they see fit. Particularly where you are charged in conjunction with a serious injury or death, you need a knowledgeable legal counsellor to help protect your rights.

Get the Advice and Representation You Need To schedule a consultation with Shamsher Kothari, call his office at 403-667-4406 or contact us online at . We can help you protect your rights.

*Past results do not guarantee success in any particular case.

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